Week 4: Navigating through a wickedly entangled issue!


Rethinking Education for the 21st Century

This week in CEP 812, my partner Noelle and I teamed up to delve into rethinking education for the 21st Century. As part of our process, we brainstormed questions and engaged in a creative role-taking technique (the circle of viewpoints) in order to explore the complexities of re-imagining education from multiple perspectives.

The process proved very fruitful, as it encouraged us to break free of our own educational experience bubbles, and it helped us narrow our numerous questions into a more focused, manageable list.  First, we felt that we needed to have an understanding of why rethinking education is an issue of concern in the first place.  Why rethink it at all?  Second, we realized that we had to come to some understanding of or agreement upon what teaching and learning “should” look like in this century if we want to prepare students for the world of all of our imminent futures.   What does it mean to teach for the 21st Century?  Third, if we are to rethink what it means to be a teacher and a student and what it means to teach and learn, then we must also question what is being taught and what school itself looks like.  Why can’t we restructure education and rethink what is taught?   Our fourth and final focus question then became concerned with how rethinking teaching and learning from the ground up could possibly be balanced with the needs of our students and the demands of the public.  How do we rethink teaching, maintain balance with standardized testing demands, and ensure that students have multiple paths to demonstrate their learning and have it assessed?

I have included an infographic here for your perusal.  We have found some very interesting information and perspectives!


If the embedded infographic does not work for you, click on one of the following links!


Rethinking Education for the 21st Century


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