“Maker” Culture

For my first post for CEP811, I was tasked with learning how to remix video clips into a new video to address some aspect of maker culture that resonated with me.

I was not completely sure what “maker” culture really was at first.  Based on our course syllabus, it sounded like something focused exclusively in the STEM areas of education (science, technology, engineering, and math), and I was more than a bit trepidatious about participating in the course.  After all, many of the ideas presented were about students making electronic devices like Raspberry Pi or other electronic connection kinds of kits that involved circuits. I teach Italian and questioned how I could possibly include a STEM type project in my classes without losing valuable instructional time.  How could I incorporate something like this that would extend and deepen learning rather than just being a fun distraction or add-on?

After engaging in the course readings and watching several videos on maker culture, I now realize that my understanding of what it entailed was very limited. As you’ll see in the video (see link below), maker culture has been around for a long time!  It’s about people being creative and making  new and interesting applications, devices, etc. to solve from the tiniest of problems to the biggest of dilemmas.  It’s not just about circuits, Arduino, or Raspberry Pi.  Maker culture in the classroom is about creating to learn.  As the video explains, “We are all makers!”I look forward to finding ways to enrich my instruction by infusing world language with maker tasks to deepen the learning of my students. Once you see some of the examples included in the video, you’ll see that maker culture opens up a world of possibilities for teaching and learning!

If you cannot view the embedded video above, please click on the following link: My Remix Video!



A great site for mixing videos!

Here are links to the videos I utilized in my remix.  These were all found through Creative Commons at: Creative Commons Search.  They have permissions to be modified, adapted, or built upon.

What is the Maker Movement?

Maker Faire Bay Area 2016: Around the Grounds

What is a Maker?

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