Network Learning Progress cont.

One gigantic pan!   cc:
One gigantic pan!

My paellera was not quite this big.  LOL  It was only 16″ in diameter, and I used a plastic spoon instead of that spoon on steroids we see here.

Somehow I goofed and didn’t add this part to my last post, so I thought I’d add it now so that you could see a bit more about my learning process with learning more Spanish and how to make paella.

To learn how to make paella and learn more Spanish, I utilized a number of websites.  While we weren’t supposed to (or at least we dont’ get credit for it I think), I  did also consult with people I knew from Spain and who had been there quite a bit to double check my understanding of making the paella and the language involved.

The biggest challenge (apart from finding and getting some special ingredients like the rice and the paella pan in time) was identifying a recipe that was as authentic as possible.  There are lots of posers out there!  It’s also one of those dishes that seems to have a different spin in each region and/or family that makes it.  To over come this, I took a few of the recipes that sounded and looked the best to me and compared them with the Spanish videos that I utilized to make the paella the right way.

The two recipes I found to be the most helpful were a Spanish one and one from Jamie Oliver that I used just to double check myself in my understanding of the instructions.  I was super concerned about it being authentic not just because I wanted to experience as close to the real thing as possible, but also because this was my Valentine’s Day present to my hubby.  He loves Spain and Spanish food, so I wanted to surprise him with this.

For the Spanish vocabulary, I primarily listened to the videos and used and to help with my verbs.

I’ll let you know how it went!  🙂


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