My Professional Learning Network (PLN)


Well, here’s my idea of what my PLN would look like.  I grouped things according to how I view them.  For instance, I put all the things related to my job as a teacher in red as “professional sources.”  In green, I put those things that are related to my work as an academic and budding researcher.  The orange bubbles are for those places I go when I’m curious about something and toodling around on the internet or chatting with people less formally—kind of when I’m bing inquisitive and building up a knowledge base from which to tackle a more serious investigation into something.  The pink bubbles are places I go to learn or brush up on my language skills and cultural knowledge.

It’s tough to keep language skills up when you’re working, studying, and all that; so this last part is especially important to me.  I got really rusty on things while I was in the midst of working on my PhD.  I’m sure most PhD students would say that it’s hard to balance one’s work, academic, professional, and private lives.  I’m really working on getting them back in equilibrium!


One thought on “My Professional Learning Network (PLN)

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts about your PLN and describing how you organized it. I totally relate and love that your center bubble says “my teacher brain.”


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