Learning, Understanding, and Conceptual Change Essay

In my first essay, I discuss my views of learning as a largely constructivist process and, in a limited fashion, how some educational theorists have influenced my views as a world language teacher.  In addition, I underline a few teaching methodologies that support learning, understanding, and conceptual change (e.g. the transfer of knowledge outside of the classroom).  I had some issues getting Google docs to allow me to format a few things the way I wanted to, but I hope that doesn’t detract from the essay itself.  Happy reading!

Link to full document


One thought on “Learning, Understanding, and Conceptual Change Essay

  1. Knowing the starting point for your students, understanding what preconceived ideas they have on a topic, and prior knowledge they bring with them, is essential to effective teaching. As educators, we know we must make connections between new knowledge and concepts and the existing schema, and sometimes help to modify a student’s thinking if is is illogical or mistaken.
    We know that for knowledge to be very useful to us, it needs to be transferable. I wonder if you, as a foreign language teacher, meet many students in your everyday experience who cannot see the transferable nature of learning a language. I am also curious…. what do you do then? How do you sway them back to your side?


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